Friday, October 23, 2009


At this point if you don't know what I'm talking about you have been living under a rock for the past year or so. I wonder why this saga has made me so crazy in love with the idea of having a vamp bf. The very essence of what he is makes me go ga ga---I'm talking about Edward Cullen. Finally, I'm speaking out on my fascination with this story. My man rolls his eyes at my very mention of this saga, some men i guess just don't get it. Damn i wish that grown ass men were forced to read this series just to see what a fake ideal man should be. What kills me most is that people think that women want a real life Edward when this is not the case at all. I can speak only about myself and say that I like the essence of what Edward is..

I want a man who's unselfish, accepts my flaws, strong protector and wants to be MY one and only-----aaaaaah swooning !!!! only in twi-world does this man exist, DAMN!!! Ok my obsession began with seeing Twilight in the theatre then I bought the 4 book saga. In all my life I have never been so emotionally connected to fictional storybook characters . Stephenie Meyer is a literary genius..She had me on cloud nine one moment and crying the next. Enough with the mushy stuff; so as it stands, now I'm becoming a full blown Twi-hard. You heard me... Twi-hard, living and breathing all things twilight. BTW I'm watching Twilight simultaneously as I'm writing this blog. OME(Oh My Edward)

Twilight: New Moon hits theatres on November 20, 2009 but of course my bestie and I bought midnight show tix 2 months ago(girly giggles). With the new movie coming out I have completely lost it----buying Twilight Saga journals, exclusive magazines, New Moon Soundtrack, trading cards and watching Twilight at least once a day. I feel like a teenage girl with her first crush with every passing moment..

PS: TwiCon headed to SD February 2010. HOLLA!!!!


nettagyrl said...

lol! Love this post! And you are sooo right!! Don't want a fictional character, but the characteristic of a man who will move heaven and Earth to be with you! =D

Oh and Twilight Convention 2010!